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Coffee and Coffee Delivery

  • Coffee
  • Coffee Equipment
  • Coffee Equipment Service
  • Many varieties of Coffee and Tea available
  • No fuel or delivery charges
  • Keurig products delivered
  • Colombian Decaf Coffee
  • Columbian Excelencia Coffee
  • Colombian La Vereda
  • Extra Bold Rainforest Espresso
  • Variety Pack Teas and Coffee
  • Chai Tea
  • Chinese Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Hot Cocoa Chocolate

Water Direct Plus is more than just water. Water Direct Plus carries an assortment of coffee for every taste! Great for small to large offices. Ask about having a variety sample pack dropped off to your office to select the blend that is right for you. We can also supply your office or work place with the essentials needed to enjoy your cup of coffee. We carry a varity of cup sizes, stir sticks, creamers, sugar, and everything in between. Try our product out today! Give us a call at 204-284-1704.

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