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Plumbed in Water Cooler Filtration System

  • Save up to 80% on bottled water costs!
  • Filter removes chlorine, odours and improves taste
  • No keeping track of billing and bottle deposits
  • No need to store 5 gallon bottles
  • No running out of water
  • Room temp & cold, or hot & cold
  • Free installation based on inspection

Water Delivery

  • Coolers cleaned and sanitized, service available
  • Returning water to its natural purity
  • Water Direct Reverse Osmosis Water
  • No fuel or delivery charges
  • Water Direct Plus can supply your work place and home with great tasting water! Not only is our water great for drinking, it is also very good for making your coffee. Our manufacturing process uses a multi-step system that includes Reverse Osmosis and ozone as our primary forms of purification. The water is then bottled using our automated equipment. Water bottle delivery service is available to your business or workplace. Water Direct Plus also has a filling station at our location at 873 Notre Dame Avenue.


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Bottle Exchange Customers

If you have a convenience store, grocery store, gas bar or hardware store that wants to bring in more business here is the program for you. Bottle exchange programs for convenience stores, grocery stores, gas bars, and hardware stores.

Increase sales with the bottle exchange program. Deposits are taken on bottles from your customers.

Benefits of Bottle Exchange

  • Convenient
  • Increase Business
  • Deposits taken on bottles